The Greedy Farmer Bible Lesson – Luke 12:13-34

This complete lesson in NIV includes 17 pages:

  1. Printable Bible Verse Cards – KJV and NIV
  2. Farmer and His Barn Coloring Sheet
  3. Greed to Gratitude Coloring Sheet and Activity Sheet
  4. Greed to Gratitude Maze Activity Sheet with Bible Verse Reference
  5. Greedy Farmer Stick Puppets in both color and black and white
  6. Bible Lesson using Stick Puppet Props – Lesson Concepts: It is exciting to get new things and to be successful, but it is important to remember that everything we have comes from God, and we should honor him by giving to others who are in need. Greed is putting too much importance on your possessions, and not on your relationships with God and others.
  7. Wheelbarrow Bible Verse Relay Race
Greedy Farmer Stick Puppets used to tell the Bible Story about the Rich Fool. Children can also use them to retell the story as a review.
Greedy Farmer Stick Puppets used to tell the Bible Story during the Lesson
The greedy farmer or rich fool coloring sheet and lesson prompt.
The Greedy Farmer Coloring and Activity Sheet – Children color the sheet and discuss what they think the rich fool should do with his extra crops.
The Greedy Farmer or Rich Fool Bible Lesson for children including Crafts, Games, and Activities for all ages.
The Greedy Farmer/ Rich Fool Bible Lesson for Children

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