“No More Whining” 3D Dog Craft and Learning Activity

Includes six pages:

  1. 3D Dog Craft Patterns
  2. Bone Patterns

This dog craft can be used to teach your child not to whine. Whenever your child whines, you can write a message about what he or she was whining about on a small piece of paper and place it in the dog’s mouth.

If he or she whines too much, the dog will have a hard time holding all the messages.

Take the messages out every night and talk about whining.

Tell your child that if he or she makes it a whole day without whining, he or she can place a dog bone in the dog’s mouth instead of the whining messages. Give your child a reward when they get a certain amount of dog bones to feed the dog.

All the patterns, games, and lessons in this store come from Danielle’s Place and are available through a yearly membership for $23.95.

You can find more learning activities and crafts relating to Dogs on the “Dog Crafts and Learning Activities Page”  on Danielle’s Place of Crafts.

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