Job’s First Test Bible Lesson – KJV

This is the first lesson of the two-lesson series about Job, titled “Job’s First Test.” It includes an interactive Bible lesson with crafts, games, and learning activities for younger and older children. Every activity is used to reinforce the teaching concept that we should trust God even when bad things happen to us or our families. Sometimes, God allows bad things to happen so that we can grow in our faith, or they may result from sin, not heeding warnings, or the devil’s influence.

This lesson includes:

  1. “Job Prays to God” Bible Verse Coloring Sheet – KJV
  2. “Servants Tell the Bad News” Relay Race with Printable Game Cards – Teams race to be the first to pick up four different animal cards.
  3. Job’s First Test – Test 1 – Manual Dexterity Activity Sheet for Younger and Older Children – Children race to complete the maze without touching the lines.
  4. Printable Job 1:21 Bible Verse Rebus Game – KJV – Students take turns removing a sticky note from the poster to reveal clues and then try to guess the verse by figuring out what the images represent.
  5. Find the Donkey That is Different Activity Sheet for Younger and Older Children – Children try to spot the animal that is different on the sheet.
  6. Job’s Animals Coloring Sheet
  7. Job Fill-in-the-blank Activity Sheet – Older students review the Bible lesson by filling in the blanks.

This lesson comes from Danielle’s Place of Crafts and Activities, where you can find hundreds of Bible crafts and activities for Children’s ministry.

This lesson is also available on The Resource Room, with a yearly subscription site.

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