Abe Lincoln Craft and Learning Activities

Hats Off to Abraham Lincoln Bulletin Board Display and Writing Activity

Hats Off to Abraham Lincoln” Writing Activity and Bulletin Board Display

The teacher explains the idiom “Hat’s Off” and then has their students write what they admire about Abraham Lincoln, and when they are finished staple the hats to the bulletin board. This activity includes the title hat pattern and the hat with lines for the writing pattern.

Abraham Lincoln Craft and Writing Activity

Create this large Abraham Lincoln bulletin board display and use your students’ writing activities about Abe for the torso. Includes four pages of patterns.

Walking in Abraham Lincoln's Footsteps Writing Activity and Bulletin Board Display

“Following in Abraham Lincoln’s Footsteps” Classroom Writing Activity

Abraham Lincoln was the United States’ tallest president. He was 6’4” and he wore size 14 shoes, but what was most impressive about him was his character. It would be hard to fill his shoes, both physically and spiritually. He was honest, hard-working, respected everyone, and fought against slavery and women’s rights.

Students learn about idioms and what “following in someone’s shoes” and “filling someone’s shoes” means. They read about Abraham Lincoln and discuss his attributes and then write on the shoe shapes how they would like to be like Abraham Lincoln or “follow in his steps”.

Includes title patterns and right and left shoe patterns.

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Printable Patterns for this Craft Include:

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