The Good Samaritan Bible Lesson

Printable Craft and Activity Patterns for this Lesson Include:

PART 1 – 25 Pages Including:

  1. Helping Hands Activity Sheet – Boy and Girl Pattern – Children paste pictures of things that can use to help onto the activity sheet.
  2. Remember Memory Verse Hand Picture – KJV and NIV
  3. Good Samaritan and Donkey Paper Doll Craft to act out the story.
  4. Good Samaritan Bible Verse Activity Sheet Pattern
  5. Amazing Hands Guessing Game and Review the Story Activity
  6. Opening Help Hands Patterns used for a Bible Verse Review Game

PART 2 –   Pages Including:

  1. Fan-folded Caterpillar Good Samaritan Book
  2. “Who is Your Neigh-bor?” Horse Activity and Craft
  3. Good Samaritan Story Book and Coloring Activity
  4. Opening Hands Bible Verse Review Activity

PART 3 – Good Samaritan Puppets

Six Pages of Puppets – Three in Color and Three in Black and White

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The “God Made Me! – A Book About Me” also goes along with this lesson and can be purchased separately.

God Made Me Printable Book

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