Covid 19 – Publishing Guidelines

In order to keep people from being exposed to the coronavirus many churches are holding services online. Here are some guidelines for using material from Danielle’s Place and The Resource Room during the Covid-19 shutdown:

Do Not – Publish Patterns or Directions from The Resource Room on Your Own Website (For exceptions see below.)

Do Not – Give Out the Password for The Resource Room to Your Students or people who belong to other organizations.

Do Not – Put links from any website to any pdf pattern on The Resource Room.

Do – Email the patterns to your students.
Do – Print out the patterns and mail them to your students.
Do – Use the free Google Classroom with a private code you email to your students. Do not publish the access code online.
Do – If you do publish the material online, remove any published material after one week. Do not leave it up indefinitely. This website does not give publishing rights to publish the material online or in print, except during the covid shutdown when students cannot meet in person.

Do– Use Bible Story displays, puppets, etc. from the lessons in your online videos or presentations. You may print out and use the Bible characters and puppet skits in your online material to present your Bible lessons.

You may not publish craft patterns or directions online on your church website or in any form, however, you may put a picture of the craft or activity you are suggesting on your own website, but make sure you state where the picture comes from and put a link back to Danielle’s Place to the page you copied it from.

You may not publish the complete directions or patterns online on your website. You can tell your students that if they want to do the craft or activity you are suggesting, to contact you and you will email it to them.

If you would like to use a picture from Danielle’s Place, you may use the print screen option or you can email me and I can send one. If you do use a picture, you may not alter it in any way, such as include it with other pictures or remove part of the picture. If you have any questions or ideas, please email me.

You may not give the password to your students to access the material on The Resource Room even if you have a group subscription. The group subscription is for people who use the material exclusively for your organization. A group membership is for local groups only, not Internet groups or private Internet groups.  A group membership can only be used by teachers or ministry directors who are using the material for the group.  You can’t give the username and password to people who aren’t using it for your church ministry.

If you are familiar with the web or have a tech guy, you may do the following.

You may publish the material for your students to access if you follow these strict guidelines:

  1. It is on a password protected page.
    2. The page cannot be indexed by Google. That means that there are no links from other pages to the pdf. file or lesson.
    3. Remove the pdfs within one week of publishing them.
    4. You may use Google Classroom and email your students the passcode. Do not publish the passcode online so everyone can see it.

You may not give out the password for The Resource Room to your students or families to access the website. The membership is strictly for teachers who prepare the lessons for their organization, not students and families, or people who will be using it for another church or organization.

The digital downloads available through Danielle’s Place in this store are copyrighted. When you purchase a digital download, you purchase the right to print and make copies to use for your personal use, for use in your classroom, special school activities, library programs, Sunday school class, club, etc. You may not make copies for other teachers and leaders to use in their classrooms, schools, etc.

You may not publish the material in any form without permission. (Publishing means making them available to others in print, on the web, on a blog, etc.)

If you have any questions regarding these copyright regulations, please contact us at care [at] daniellesplace [dot] com

All the downloads in this store are available through a yearly membership for $23.95 on If you buy the membership, you have access to all the downloads for one year.